Case Study
Home Restoration

The client reached out to us to generate more leads for their restoration company. Our goal was to develop a strategy for Google Ads and implement data oriented approach to build solid advertising structure to reach out to the right audience looking for water restoration, flood clean up, mitigation, fire and smoke damage restorations.


Qualified Leads & Conversions

  1. Extensive keyword research to find relevant keywords including competitive analysis
  2. Build brand new campaigns by organizing keywords in to their relevant ad groups tied up with meaningful ad copies for target audience.
  3. Analyze data collected from test campaigns to tightening keyword targeting and campaign structuring.
  4. Continue testing, optimizing and identifying opportunities.
  5. Building extensive list of negative keywords to ensure proper utilization of ad budget.
  6. Test bidding strategies and advanced bid adjustments.


Q4 results

  • 29.41% Increase in total phone calls and 183.33% increase in total conversions.
  • 18.08% Increase in search campaign click thru rate (CTR)
  • 28.07% reduced cost per lead.

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