Expand and Scale Your Business with Premier Google Ads Services

Simple, transparent pricing

No long-term contracts

Complete ownership and control of your account

There are tons of agencies out there that offer “cheap” services. They might be good for your budget, but they’re bad for your business. Here’s why:

They lack knowledge and experience.

Training and hiring Google Ads experts cost (a lot of) time and money.

Agencies that offer cheap services won’t have enough resources they need to give you people who know Google Ads inside-out.

Which means…

They can’t solve unexpected problems.

Google is packed with unforeseen challenges that can’t be solved by just pressing buttons. It’s all about the right strategy, timing, and expert judgment.

Amateurs hired by cheap agencies don’t have the skill set to anticipate and handle all the obstacles that come up.

Most of the time…

They’ll leave your campaigns on autopilot.

Running and managing profitable Google Ads campaigns require a dedicated team to track, adjust, test, and optimize your campaigns.

Cheap PPC agencies don’t have teams to cover everything your business needs. As a result, the quality of Google Ads management is compromised.

Instead of earning huge profits, you get more headaches and wasted ad spend.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

At Profitable Marketing, You Get Maximum Return on Every Dollar You Spend

Profit-First Campaigns

Everything we do is directed towards one goal: To make you MORE money.

Our team uses proven SOPs and strategies to make sure your campaign becomes profitable and ready for scaling.

Dedicated Team

We hire and train only the best of the best. That means you get your own team of Google Ads experts which includes a dedicated client manager, specialist (and a back-up specialist), strategist, data analyst, call quality analyst, and ad copywriter.

Thorough Onboarding and Client Management Process

Know exactly what’s happening in your account, what we’re doing on our end, and what results to expect. Our account management process includes continuous account reviews and check-ins (daily, weekly, and monthly) so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Certified Google Premier Partners

Being the top 3% Google Ads agency in the world means we know what we’re doing. We follow Google Ads’ best practices and effective strategies. The outcome?

Deadlines are met, campaigns are well-optimized, and your goals are reached.

Complete Strategy and Setup

From Google Ads account creation and restructure to advanced bid management – with real-time tracking and campaign monitoring…

We’ll take care of everything you need to produce consistent high-performing results.

Cost-effective Fees

Other premier agencies charge 35% of ad spend and more. Among the best, we’re the most affordable.

Plus, no hourly billing, no long-term contracts, and you retain full ownership of all applicable intellectual property.

Curious to find out what your fees look like?

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