Who Is Profitable Marketing?

We Get it…

there are countless digital marketing firms out there vying for your attention. And we understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right partner to make your marketing campaigns shine.


For us, Google Ads is not about guessing, it’s about data and the stories it tells. It’s not about sales, it’s about customers. It’s not about outspending, it’s about outsmarting. We make it our mission to Make Mondays Suck Less for our clients, and we produce outstanding results because of it.

Client Success

Putting The Client First, Even In Our Core Values. Everything that we do begins with a focus on client success. When our clients succeed, the rest falls into place. Successful clients are happy clients, and happy clients are more fun to work with. It’s not enough to just do great work; we aim to celebrate what we can accomplish together!


Trusting Each Other, Challenging The Status Quo. We’re all on the same team and it’s a really, really great team. Individually, we’re capable of more than we think, and together, there’s almost nothing we can’t accomplish. We believe in one another, but we also believe that we can make each other better. Every day is a challenge to do just that.


Accentuating The Positive, Eliminating The Negative. Whether it’s client-facing or internal, we know that the best decisions are made when all of the data is available: the good, the bad, and the WTF? Every client and employee should know and share the full picture so that failures are quickly rectified and successes are acknowledged and nurtured.

Saying you care is easy. Doing something about it, isn’t. We know one agency can’t change the world. We don’t live in la-la land. But we’re doing our bit. To keep your data safe, look after our planet, and provide equal opportunities.

The face behind Profitable Marketing

Montique Williams

Montique Williams

Hi, I’m Montique. Founder of Profitable Marketing. I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping businesses build their empire.

When I first started running ads on Google it was out of necessity. I had a personal training business that I was looking to build. I reached out to a Marketing Agency for help with my Google Ads campaign.

Unfortunatly, I got burnt. I was losing money and when I reached out to the agency, I got the run around and it didn’t feel like they even cared.

So I went through the trial and error of building my own campaigns. Over the last 7 years, I’ve become an expert at helping small businesses build relationships with their prospects, and convert cold strangers into hot buyers.

And I work with a small team that has done the same.

our Work

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