Case Study
Senior Living Community

The client was interested to get more leads for their senior housing community but it seems the results are not there though they have a decent CTR and getting clicks for somewhat relevant searches. They came to us to optimize their campaigns, rebuild and restructure to increase conversions while reducing CPA.


Increase number of leads through phone call and form submission.
  • Extensive keyword research to identify relevant keywords that they might be missing.
  • Complete overhaul of ad copies and campaign structures to find winning copies.
  • Incorporate and test different type of campaigns and bidding strategies.
  • Adding extensive list of negative keywords
  • Extension testing
  • Testing landing pages to improve quality score.


Q4 YOY results

  • 175.51% increase in conversions (135 vs 49)
  • 64.62% reduced cost per acquisition ($39.81 vs 112..52)
  • 187.04% Increase in conversion rate (26.89% vs 9.37%)
  • 127.25% increase in account CTR ( 3.82% vs 1.68%)

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